Madonnari Chalk Artist


Lori Escalera, Chalk Artist Street Painter

Street Painting, Madonnari Style, dates back to 1600's in Italy. It was a way for artists to put their hat out and make money. “Madonnari” is a term that actually denotes the chalk artists that render the Madonna. However, today the term is more general and applies to chalk artists that perform large scale chalk art reproducing Master Artworks for the public. An older woman approached me at a venue where I was chalking and said that during the Second World War she remembered seeing artists in Europe chalking on the street to make money.

While creating my first Street Painting (1994) I never dreamed that one day I’d be making an almost 20 year career out of it! I welcome your inquiries and offer consultation, materials, workshops (student or adult), coordination of other Street Painting Artists and Street Painting. You can view my portfolio by clicking on the links above. Estimated rates are available in the “capabilities” section.

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