Commitment to Quality

Lori has undertaken Public Art Commissions since the mid 1990’s. She believes in intensely scrutinizing the clients objectives and achieving the ultimate “mesh” of creative thinking blended with the practical needs of the project.  Lori stresses durability and little or no maintenance costs. She always works closely with her clients to make sure needs are entirely met.

  1. Highlight list of projects:

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  3. 2016 City of Santee Community Mrual

  4. 2015 Culver City Mural Restorations (2000 Rivers of the World Mural: 214 ft. of Tile, Mosaic, Acrylic Mural;

  5. 2014 Little ItalySan Diego Mural Renovations•

  6. 2011 “Arts Alive” Mission Viejo Community Public Art Projects (and 2009 project)

  7. 2010 Syd Kronenthal Park Youth at Risk Mural Renovation. 85 linear feet Acrylic Paint; 1997 Ballona Creek Collaborative Mural "Postcards from Ballona" ; 75' x 5' Acrylic

  8. 2009 San Diego River Park Foundation Mural “River Life” 272’ x 8’ Community Mural ; 2008 SDRFP “On the River Trail” Acrylic Paint Community Mural 220’ x 8’; 2007 SDRPF Acrylic Paint Community Mural 66’ x 18’

  9. 2008 Vista Urban Kite Commission

  10. 2007 Vista CA, Public Art Mural Commission 44’ x 10’ Acrylic Mural

  11. 2007 Eight foot Acrylic Painted Ceiling Dome, Rancho Santa Fe Estate Private Commission

  12. 2006 Zia’s Bistro, Little Italy Permanent Street Painting, San Diego CA; Mural 8’ x 8’

  13. 2001 Oceanside Public Art Libby Lake Youth at Risk Mural

interactive google map of Lori’s community art projects  click here!

Commitment to Community

Lori has had a long history of public service and community affiliations. This has led to public/private/institutional grants and commissions. Lori has successful experience in grant writing, design, planning and implementation. She has extensive experience working with youth at risk and anti graffiti artwork protection.